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  • A-line Sweetheart Asymmetrical Sleeveless Stretch Satin Chiffon Dress

  • Description: This is a must-visit store for prom dresses. My daughter was looking for prom dresses online, and we bump into this great shop. I ordered one for her, and it fitted perfectly am coming for my 2nd daughter too.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: elisabetta

  • A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

  • Description: You cannot miss a dress for your choose from Bride sire. They got all that you may think of. From prom dresses to good looking dinner dresses l can’t wait to repurchase three dresses.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: Anne

  • Long Sleeve Chiffon Jacket & Chiffon Pant Set

  • Description: This is my everyday shop for dresses. I love their quality and the variety of designs they got for women of different sizes. When I want a perfect wedding dress, then I stop by and get the best.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: Margarita

  • A-line Scoop Sleeveless Satin Dress

  • Description: I love the way you treat your customers. I won’t mind coming back. I love great services and fair prices. I bought three dresses for a good price I am coming for more soon.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: Elif

  • Sheath/Column Jewel Short/Mini Sleeveless Satin Dress

  • Description: I am wearing the dress I bought from Bridesire; it makes me feel unique and confident. The fact that I got a dress that I love from my first purchase from Bridesire website is the reason I am looking into getting another dress there. The site has a beautiful interface, and you can feast your eyes on their variety and range of attire as you browse to find your perfect dress.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: melissa

  • A-line Bateau Floor-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

  • Description: I can’t get over my wedding dress l got from Bride sire. It is still outstanding, and I bought it three years ago. It is still in fashion, and many have been asking where I got it from.
    Date Added: February 25, 2020
    By: Wendy

  • A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dress

  • Description: When I had a timely need for a dress, Bridesire came through for my girlfriends and me. I was very relieved when I first saw my dress. I loved it, and ever since that day, I use Bridesire to get my dress for different occasions. I also like the fact once you get a good hang of the website, you can navigate to the dress you want in no time.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: Sarah

  • A-line Bateau Sleeveless Lace Dress

  • Description: With Bridesire, you can opt to choose different fabrics and colors. I love that Bridesire has dressed for almost every age. They are very dynamic, and they always update their dresses often.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: Sina

  • A-line Straps Short/Mini Sleeveless Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress

  • Description: I decided to buy a dress for my daughter when I found their website. I browsed through their beautiful dresses, and I found their website so easy to use. I picked out a dress that I thought was pretty enough to impress my 12-year daughter. When I showed it to my daughter, she was overjoyed. She loved the dress, and it made me happy as well thank you so much Bridesire.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: ARTA

  • A-line Jewel Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

  • Description: Bridesire will get you the dress you want, and you don’t have to wait for an eternity to get you to dress. They deliver in good time, and the quality of the dress is pretty similar to what you saw on the website. What I like most is that their dresses have a unique style for each of them.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: Candice

  • Ball Gown One Shoulder Chapel Train Sleeveless Organza Dress

  • Description: I like wearing dresses, and that is the reason I am a loyal customer to Bridesire. I have over a dozen of their dresses. They always keep things interesting by updating their stock. I am obsessed with their website that I find myself there even when I don’t need a dress.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: cansu

  • A-line Scoop Sleeveless Lace Dress

  • Description: Have you had one of those occasions that you know that you have to wear to impress someone? I found myself in such a position, and I can tell you confidently that you will not be disappointed when you decide to use Bridesire to get you a dress perfect for you. I was so nervous when I got my dress, but once I tried it on, it fit me exactly like I thought it would. I have gotten two dresses from them, and I have not been disappointed once.
    Date Added: February 24, 2020
    By: claudia

  • Sheath/Column Spaghetti Straps Floor-length Sleeveless Chiffon Stretch Satin Dress

  • Description: The dresses on their website are gorgeous, and you could imagine yourself in one of the dresses since they show you the right angles of the dress. I picked out my dress in a couple of minutes, and I just received my dress today. I am pleased with the quality of the dress. What you see is what you get.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: Maria

  • A-line Sweetheart Asymmetrical Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

  • Description: I feel like I’m particular about what I wear and was not going to find what I loved. I was wrong and was split between four choices. Bridesire had a unique and wonderful choice of wedding dresses. I was pleasantly surprised.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: andrea

  • A-line Strapless Tea-length Sleeveless Chiffon Stretch Satin Bridesmaid Dress

  • Description: My mother bought me and my sister dresses for evening parties at grandmas every year. Sadly Nan isn’t with us anymore, but the memories are. We still have evening parties, and the dresses are always sources from Bridesire. I love them.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: monica

  • A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Sleeveless Satin Chiffon Wedding Dress

  • Description: Bridesire is peerless in regards to dresses. Their customer service isn’t bad either. They consistently have good designs and beautiful execution. I thought I would be a one-time user, but I’m a repeat customer. Every need is sorted here. Thank you!!
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: Giusy

  • A-line Sweetheart Sweep/Brush Train Chiffon Prom Dress

  • Description: I shopped for evening gowns with my daughter for her royalty-themed birthday party. She loved the dresses and so did I. Looking forward to shopping for her wedding dress in a few years. I will recommend it.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: kine

  • Sheath/Column Scoop Short Sleeve Lace Dress

  • Description: The dresses are elegant and exquisite. The problem with many other clothing stores is they don’t have different sizes for every body type. Bridesire will have the dress you want in your size and that I consider being a gem. It feels so damn good to have what you want, and that is what Bridesire did for me. Thank you.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: Angelica

  • Sheath/Column Scoop Short Sleeve Taffeta Mother of the Bride Dress

  • Description: Bridesire is always available to answer any query I have in regards to their products. I am always in awe of the quality they produce at the given price point.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: bernadette

  • A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Chiffon Prom Dress

  • Description: I asked for a slight modification on the dress that I ordered from them, and not only did they adjust, but they also kept in touch with me throughout the whole process. I am grateful for them. Best in the business.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: julia

  • A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Tulle Dress

  • Description: I was in a fix. My mother's and grandmothers wedding dress would not be available for me because it was lost in shipping. Two months out from the wedding and no wedding dress or even bridal party dresses. My fiancé had heard of Bridesire from his sister, and he asked me to check it out. Second best decision I made that year after saying yes to his proposal. They delivered four weeks after I ordered. I cannot thank them enough.
    Date Added: February 23, 2020
    By: Nicole

  • A-line Tulle And Lace Strapless Wedding Dress

  • Description: Exquisite, impeccable dresses that have just been a blessing to me. I have run it of superlatives describing them to my friends and family. I have bought Bridesire dresses since 2014, and they are just exceptional.
    Date Added: February 22, 2020
    By: Lisa

  • A-line Scoop Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

  • Description: A big reason I now love parties. They offer fantastic dresses with quick delivery and no-frills design. I can’t believe I had not used them before. I look through their online catalog to choose a design I love. Prompt services.
    Date Added: February 22, 2020
    By: Yolanda

  • A-line Chiffon One Shoulder Knee-length Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dress

  • Description: A well thought out idea that has been executed properly. I no longer have to rely on unreliable tailors that do not deliver exactly what I want. Bridesire was the solution to the problem of unreliability.
    Date Added: February 22, 2020
    By: Pasquale Bruni

  • A-line Chiffon Sweep/ Brush Train Square Mother of the Bride Dress

  • Description: An unbelievable service offered that has not only made life easier but happier too. Quality dresses that have been impeccably made. I love them. I have told everyone about them.
    Date Added: February 22, 2020
    By: Danielle

Displaying 176 to 200 (of 1600 reviews)
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