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Shipping & Delivery Estimates

Our "shipping estimate" is an estimate of how long it will take to prepare your item for shipment and the date it will leave our store. We calculate estimated shipping dates once payment for an order has been confirmed and we begin processing the order. You will see a shipping estimate for your order in the payment confirmation we sent to you via email. This will also appear in your Bridesire.com account once your payment has been confirmed.

Shipping fee starts from $18.99 for standard order and $29.99 for rush order.

We also provide the average shipping times for our products so that you can calculate approximately when your items will reach their destination.

How are shipping estimates calculated?

Our shipping estimates are based on how quickly we can process and package items for shipment – also known as “processing time”. Processing time includes selecting items, quality checks, and packaging.

For the average processing times for all product categories, see Estimated Delivery Times


When will I get my items?

You can calculate your estimated delivery time using the average processing time for your products and the average shipping time of the shipping method you chose for your order.

For example, if you order an item that requires approximately 14 working days of processing time, and select Expedited Shipping (which typically requires 3-5 days), you can calculate that your order should arrive approximately 17-19 days after your payment is confirmed.

For average shipping times for all product categories, see Estimated Delivery Times


What if I want to get my items faster?

During checkout, you have a choice of different shipping speeds and can select the radio button next to that option. If you need your items by a certain time, we recommend ordering your items early and choosing a shipping method that meets your delivery requirements.

See our Shipping Methods Guide to learn more.


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