Why Veganism Rocks

veganismHaving a healthy body is not only achieved by having regular exercises. We also need to consume the right kinds of food to keep our body going despite engaging with strenuous activities. And what better way to eat healthily than to stuff our body with veggies and fruits? If there is one food variety that each and every doctor would recommend, it would have to be the vegetable family in the likes of carrots, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, and many others. Even when we’re still in grade school, we’re already told that vegetables are packed with nutrients and minerals that keep our body going. Because of this, veganism was born. Vegans are strict vegetarians.

Firstly, they don’t eat any foods that come from animals in anyway, like honey and eggs. To some people, vegans are strict vegetarians. Secondly, vegans have three main points in mind – health, environmental, and animal rights. The health aspect is the topmost issue in every vegan’s mind. Vegetables are far healthier than the protein coming from animal products because the latter’s products are never designed for the consumption of human beings, say cow’s milk, and, thus, the tons of health woes that meat-eaters face in the long run. Rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular related diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and many others are some of the many illnesses that a meat love might suffer later on. Meanwhile, a vegan does not seem or may have very minimal chances of acquiring these health woes earlier because of the absence of unnecessary cholesterol and bad fats in plants. On the one hand, vegans are fighting for environmental rights as well in the sense that manufacturing feeds for animals can harm the environment as it uses up tons of energy and leaves carbon footprint while plant production doesn’t necessarily require feeding so long as the right amount of water and sunshine, along with organic fertilizers, are met. Finally, animal rights are being protected by vegans. If we consume mostly foods from animals, we tend to encourage those companies and small businesses that kill animals cruelly. But, if we lessen our purchase of animal products, they would also lessen their supply of animals and the instances of killing them cruelly, too.

Vegetable meals are oftentimes met with a pout by little ones and introducing them with veggies might sometime prove to be difficult. Thankfully, there are tons of recipes, colorful recipes in particular, that might encourage kids to eat veggies    . You could also start introducing veggies to your little ones while they’re still babies, so they would get accustomed to veggies’ taste.