What to Do to Lower Your Risk in Acquiring Breast Cancer

lowering-breast-cancer-riskI have read some time in a magazine that our life here on Earth comes with a risk – and that is the fact that we are born with cancer cells. Its name alone triggers fear to someone who wants to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones. If you have read about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy issue, she went through the process after her cancer test showed that she has 65% chance of acquiring the disease once she reaches her prime age. The disease has already claimed the lives of her mother and, recently, her aunt.

For many years, breast cancer has been the most prevalent form of cancer in the world and it usually occurs to women who are nearing their menopausal stage. This explains that most women suffering from breast cancers are within the age range of 40-50 years old. Unfortunately, medications for the treatment of breast cancers haven’t been formulated yet, and the best way to combat against the disease is to know how to lower your risk of acquiring it. Thus, the best question that we have at hand is how to prevent breast cancer. Looking at the areas that increase your risk to acquiring breast cancer, weight, lifestyle, and diet are three of the main factors that you could alter to keep at bay from breast cancer.

For many years, researchers have noted that weight has a major impact in one’s body and it can trigger other diseases, including breast cancers. Losing weight is one of the steps that you could take to avoid increasing your risk to breast cancer. Another element is your lifestyle. Are you fond of drinking, smoking, and eating fast food restaurants? If so, then slowly put a halt to such lifestyle and strive your best to overcome these temptations as these don’t do any good. Apart from that, having a sedentary lifestyle, which means very little exercise in a week, could also trigger cancer cells. In fact, recent reports released by the American Cancer Society showed that women who spend at least 7 hours a week walking lower their chances of acquiring breast cancer by 14% while women, who sweat it out vigorously for few hours each day, reduce their risk to at least 25%. The recent report came out after a two-decade long of study among some 70,000 women around the world who participated in the survey. Those who didn’t make any exercise nor had very little exercise at all increased their risk to as much as 60% while some 4,000 women who participated in the survey and did very little exercise acquired the disease after 2 decades. Finally, you have food. Cooking your own food and knowing what’s in it are the best ways to dine rather than dining in fast food restaurants as the latter often have lots of condiments and fatty substances in their recipes.