Truly Life – Make a Difference on Personal Care Products


2014 is finally here, and what are other great way to start the new year than to stock up with eco-friendly and health-friendly skin care products and handmade gift products from Truly Life. Truly Life is a promising manufacturing company that specializes on lotions, soaps, loofahs, solid perfumes, pet products, and other essential items that are organic and green. Indeed, Truly Life is perfect to jump start your healthier and greener 2014.

Truly Life is founded by partners, Mellenie and Andy, who both have the penchant for green gardening even in the city. While the partners constantly face challenges in their farming activities because of the location that they thrive in, they still continue to work their ways to provide themselves and other people green products that are both healthy and sustainable. They’re not only providing their consumers a good reason to believe in green again, but also helping Mother Earth breathe by not incorporating chemicals to their products and growing raw materials the organic way. Mellenie has been a fan of making homemade soaps right in her very own kitchen. She turned her hobby into full time business when she partnered with Andy as both of them started introducing their products to family, friends, and few clients few months ago. Because of the mission and vision that the company has, it didn’t take long for the partners to expand and acquire a growing number of customers both in the local and international markets.

The products of Truly Life range from your basic kitchen needs to your basic personal skin care essentials. It offers lotion bars and massages lotions that come in various shapes including leaves and heart. Its soaps come in a variety of selections including lavenders, vanilla beans, jasmine, and lilac. Herb choices like lemon thyme, rosemary, and peppermint zest are also available. Also in the category are unscented and earth tone selections. The company uses natural plant oils blended with locally retrieved raw materials. Truly Life also sells solid perfumes that are manufactured out of raw beeswax, natural oils and olive oil, and various plant oils that only exude naturally beautiful scent sans the overpowering whiff of the chemicals. All their solid perfumes and soaps are handmade and hand cut to perfection, which makes them great for your daily fragrant needs. Truly Life also sells loofah, which they grown from their own garden, and aplenty of other products including pet soaps.

Finally, Truly Life isn’t all about profits. They allocate 3% of the profits of all of their products to local charities like Lupus Foundation of America and Alexandria Animal Shelter.