Tips for Green Gardening

green-gardening-tipsDo you love gardening? Do you find it fun planting and taking good care of different kinds of plants just like vegetables, flowers or even fruit bearing plants? Well then, it’s pretty obvious that gardening is your thing.  But, the question is, does it make Mother Earth a better place to stay in? Make gardening green and environment friendly as possible with these quick tips.

Go for Eco-friendly products- These gardening environment friendly products are in nowadays. These kinds of products are nature lover and are non-polluting. These are also money-saver like the solar garden lights which only need sunlight to brighten up your garden at night or the manual garden mower which doesn’t need electricity or petroleum anymore. Aside from that, they are also hassle free because they are easy to use.

Apply the 3R’s- You’ve probably heard this millions of times already but it doesn’t mean that we should not anymore include this in our list.  Applying the 3R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) can do so much especially when it comes to green gardening. Reducing our use of toxic chemicals like pesticides mean we have also reduced the risk of pollution.  Reusing egg shells could also help your plants to stimulate root development because it contains calcium. Recycling is also a great way to   show your creativity and save resources as well.

Use Organic – If you think those kitchens scrap of yours has no use anymore. Think again. You can actually make healthy natural fertilizer for your plants by throwing in your vegetable waste.  The compost that you are making out of the scraps you’re throwing in won’t just enrich soil fertility; you can also assure that they are environment friendly. You can even sprinkle your plants with water added urine because it contains healthy nutrients which are good for plants. So, get rid of those unnatural fertilizers and chemical pesticides already. Switch on to healthy organic fertilizers and pesticides which can be made at home with no cost at all.

Make use of Rain water – Collect the rain water by putting buckets under your gutters. Use that extra run off to water your plants in your garden. Another alternative way to save water is by using the drip irrigation system. It has containers that will filter rain water which will directly be sent into the plants. This is not only a great way to keep your plants hydrated; it’s also good for the environment because it will help in conserving water for the future.

Gardening is great, but we should also keep in mind that we should protect our environment as well even in our own little ways.   Don’t belittle those little ways because it really does matter.  So, continue doing what you love which is gardening and start living green in your own garden.