The 10 Most Eco-Friendly Resorts That You Can Find All Around The World

eco-resortsTravelling is a great way to start the year 2014. If so, it is better to know these eco-friendly spots that you can visit while touring around the globe. If you’re making your travel plans today, makes sure to include these resorts on your 2014 trip to your destinations:

1. Bardessono in California – Bardesonno is a fantastic resort that is situated in the California’s Napa Valley. The place has long been considered as an embodiment of stylishness in the most eco-friendly kind of way because every element of this place has been carefully considered by the skilled architects during the construction of the place. From most of the materials made from reclaimed wood, local production of food, bed linens made from organic cotton, to the energy which is derived from geothermal and solar power, Bardessono is really a magnificent place to relax while giving the respect that is due to the environment. So if you want to escape into the usual pressures of life and unwind in a place that is truly ‘environmentally sound’, come to Bardessono today and enjoy life the way it should be.

2. Whitepod in Switzerland – The word ‘luxury’ and ‘igloo’ does not come often in a sentence, but you can have it all here when you set your feet in Whitepod. The resort is located just beside the picturesque mountains of the Swiss Alps and they have 15 geodesic dome pods that are heated from fire woods collected from the surrounding forest. And you can also enjoy the usual thrill of skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing which is totally risk free in terms of dealing with nature. If you think you can use a little bit of that much needed calmness in your life today, go to Whitepod and you’ll surely enjoy the tranquility of the place.

3. Longitude 131 Degrees in Australia – This camp is part of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which is a renowned World Heritage Site. Each tent in the Longitude 131 Degrees is cleverly built on stilts which is remarkable actually since it does not disturb the sand in the dessert. Aside from that, the whole resort runs in solar power and visitors here can enjoy the views of the Ayers Rock or simply join the eco-tour which is usually offered on daily basis. So if you’re dying to have that genuine outback adventure today, take time to visit Longitude 131 and experience one of the wonders in this country.

4. Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa in Dubai – If you’re interested to visit somewhere on the Middle East, then take some time to stop by at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa. The whole resort is modeled to look like a genuine Bedouin camp with all the 42 suites furnished with real Arabian artifacts. It’s been considered as an eco-friendly resort because of the Al Maha conservation program which facilitates in the rehabilitation of all the natural beauties of the desert including the reintroduction of the oryx which had been included in the endangered list for a long time.

5. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort in Fiji – Jean-Michel Cousteau became popular for his marine conservation efforts in making environmental documentary films and he also owns this luxurious resort set in a 17 acres of coconut plantation in Vanua Levu. This resort takes pride in the fact that on preserving the natural state of the ocean by employing a full-time marine biologist. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving and kayaking while witnessing the views of the breathtaking tropical waters of Fiji. If you feel the need to be in the waters, then this the ideal place for you.

6. E’Terra in Bruce Peninsula – This gem of a resort is located on the boundaries of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve and it’s very exclusive that guests are not given directions until they have already booked and fully paid. Once you get inside this luxurious resort you can enjoy their view of the 700 feet Georgian Bay shoreline and dine at their delicious organic dishes and get to rest on one of their 12 hanging tree houses that are ecologically built to maintain your ultimate ecological experience.

7. Lapa Rios in Costa Rica – If staying inside a bungalow on a rainforest is your way of defining an adventure trip, then Lapa Rios is the place to visit. The whole resort rests in the Lapa Rios Ecolodge and Wildlife Reserve which is a 100 acre land of protected rainforest and is becoming a popular destination for all the eco tourist out there. So come here and be wowed in wildlife fashion.

8. King Pacific Lodge in British Columbia – The Great Bear rainforest is located right at the heart of British Columbia and it is also the location for the lavish fly-in and floating lodge. King Pacific Lodge is phenomenal in making efforts to protect the rainforest and it’s also a ‘green’ destination since all the guests can reach this place through air travel and negate the possible carbon footprint they can leave behind while travelling on land and water. They also maintain a fruitful relationship with the Gitga’at First Nation which also supports the conservation of the Great Bear rainforest.

9. Campi Ya Kanzi in Kenya – Enjoy the magnificent wildlife that only the African outdoors can offer. Campi Ya Kanzi is situated inside a private landscape in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. Relax while taking time doing the African Safaris and meeting the local Maasai people of the area while lounging at their huts made from local materials, using their water which is derived from greywater, and also their solar-powered electricity.

10. The Eco Camp in Patagonia, Chile – If you’re thinking of having a Chilean getaway today, then why not visit the Eco Camp which is located at the Torres del Paine National Park. The habitat of the area is made of geodesic domes and the whole concept of the resort was inspired from the ancient nomadic settlers that once lived in the area. Each dome features scenic typed of windows, inviting terraces, stoves that produces low emissions and energy which is derived from renewable resources.