Tesla Expands it Network in Australia

Many say that Tesla does not have the industry to keep up with the demand of electric cars in Australia. The company announced that it was planning a major expansion. This comes with the celebration of the 300th Destination Charger that was installed at the Yarra Valley De Bortoli estate located in Dixon Creek. This is around 50 kilometers to the north east of the city of Melbourne and near the towns of Yarra Glen and Healesville. These charging stations will allow a person to travel and they can know there will always be somewhere that they can stop to charge their car.

Charging Station in Tesla

Electric cars have been successful in this area due to the charging station. These stations are also increasing in popularity. There are two reasons why these cars are very popular in Australia.

1. Supercharging

The Supercharging stations in Tesla are along busy highways and shopping centers. They are along cafes and diners so a person can allow their car to charge while they eat. The Model S and Model X can be charged by the time a person is done with their meal. They are some of the fastest stations that are being used.

The supercharge was made for fast charging. It is very powerful has uses up t 120 kilowatts of power. A car can be charged in as little as 30 minutes. This will allow a person to enjoy their meal and they will be able to drive away without a problem.

2. Destination Charging

The Tesla Destination Charging stations are great for those on a longer trip. They are located at hotels, shopping centers, resorts, and secured parking lots. These are busy areas and places where people may need a charge while on the go.

These charging stations use the Wall Connector that people use a t home. It is able to charge 40km per hours. The power of the charging will depend on the outlet being used.

Milestones to Note

The Tesla Supercharger network is expected to double by the end of 2017. More locations are being added including Tasmania, North Territory and the ACT area.

Southern and Western Australia are ready for their first charging stations. These stations are being planned in New South Wales, Victoria, as well as Queenland. This will allow people to enjoy their destinations and keep their car charged.

Once Australia has expanded the charging network people from Tesla will be able to go from the center of Adelaide city to Gympie which is located in Southern Queelands. They will be able to make this drive emission free.

Tesla is leading the way in the use of electric cars and the technology that is being used to operate them. The expansion of these charging stations will allow drivers to get to their location and be able to keep their car charged no matter where they are.

To find a map of all the Tesla charging stations that are located in Australia visit;


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