Television Buying Guides

tv-buying-guidesTelevision units are probably part in every household. It is one of the most accessible sources of information worldwide as it brings the latest news and current events from anywhere in the globe; buzzes the latest issues in the world of entertainment; showcases the hottest movies; and of course, tickles the kids’ imagination and funny bones with cartoon shoes. The shows seen on TV are for every part of the family, making it the more important gadget at home. However, because of this very reason, TVs are turned on most of the time, increasing electricity bills and wasting excessive energy. Thankfully, we now have a pretty higher number of eco-friendly television units in the market. But, first things first; we have to know how to spot the right eco-friendly television unit with the help of these simple tips:

Buy LED Television Monitors – Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Philips, LG, and many other giant television companies are utilizing the benefits of LED (light emitting diode) screens. LEDs are renowned for its efficient conversion of electricity to energy. It does not make use of excessive energy that it will go to waste and it is also efficient in emitting bright light and clearer monitor. Apart from that, LED monitors are also popular in showcasing crisp and vibrant pictures. It has high number of diodes that are capable of transforming colorful photos into lively scenes. Finally, LED TVs look sophisticated and perfect in every angle.

Choose one with Energy Saving Function – Not a lot of people actually know that an appliance still consumes electricity even when it’s turned OFF as long as it is still plugged into the outlet. Most energy-efficient television units are now equipped with this energy saving function that automatically reduces or zeros the consumption of electricity when used even if it’s still plugged. Basically, it does not use standby power consumption, making it competent in reducing monthly electricity bills.
Sensors – One of these is called presence sensors. This might actually sound uncanny but did you know that innovative brands like Sony have released television models with presence sensors that detect heat and presence in the area. The screen automatically dims when it does not detect nearby heat anymore, but its audio is still playing unless the unit is turned OFF. People who are always on the go can still be able to listen to the latest news from their favorite channels without necessarily sitting in front of the TV. No, you don’t really feel guilty leaving the unit ON because it is still saving power due to its dimmed monitor.

Research – Getting an update of the latest eco-friendly TVs in the market is the best tip. Know the appliance’s highs and lows, reputation, and price as these are very important before making the buy. After all, whether or not you get the hottest brands or the so-so eco-friendly options, large amount of money is still at stake in this activity.