Serving Food for Wedding Receptions

serving-food-for-wedding-receptionsIn every celebration, the gastronomic experience of the guests should never be underestimated. They should be provided with the best food that the hosts can afford. There are practically many ways to feed your guests at an affordable rate, but if you are a health buff and you want to manifest this during your wedding day, having a good selection of organic food on your wedding reception is the best option.

There are practically two ways on how you can serve organic food to your wedding guests during the reception: by cooking the food on your own and by having it done by a renowned caterer. Let me give you a rundown on which option is the best in terms of its pros and cons and how you can make each choice worth it.



Freshness of Food – Catering for your own wedding reception gives you the assurance that all the ingredients used when cooking are all green, clean, and healthy. You can also see how the foods are being prepared, leaving no room for substandard cooking. To have a smooth and organic catering, make sure to list all needed ingredients for each menu at least 1 week before the big day. Having lots of allowance minimize any possibilities of forgetting spices, herbs, and the likes needed for the recipes, which can cause ruckus when everyone’s already too busy to run to the supermarket. Canned and packed ingredients can be bought earlier while veggies, fruits, fishes, and meat should be bought early morning on the big day to ensure of its freshness and quality. For cheaper and fresher produce, buy at your local market and buy in bulk to avail of discounts, especially those ingredients that tend to be useful in almost all of the recipes in the menu.

Quality of Food – Of course, you would never want to serve your guests menus that taste like plastic or food that looks like leftovers, would you? Food presentation and taste are the keys to food quality, and, because you are the one spearheading the cooking, you can assure your guests that they’re eating the best foods. While some caterers are professionals, their assistants might not be as proficient as them, which may show when they are serving food or displaying food on the table.

Budget – There is no way that you could run out of budget when you’re chiefly the one in-charge of the purchases for the recipes. You can either go beyond or stick to your budget depending on how you want to surprise your guests with your culinary skills. While some catering companies offer flexible options, some may not be too keen to those who are low on budget, which is never a problem when you do the catering on your own.


Stressful – No one can deny that catering your own wedding celebration is a very stressful idea even if you have at least 5 people working for you and waiting for your next instructions. Time constraint is one factor that adds stress to this option. Say the wedding day is at 4pm and it’s already 2pm. You should have been taking a glorious bath or shower by this time, but you’re still too busy making the beef tenderloin with braised wild mushrooms in a caramelized onion sauce. Apart from that, all the hassles of managing the cooking process could all be in your shoulders despite the helpers, which you should be prepared for when you have decided to cater on your own.



Stress-free – You won’t get burned; no recipe list and ingredient list to worry about; and definitely no people to manage when cooking, which all mean that opting for a wedding catering vendor on your wedding reception lets you sit back and relax without lifting a finger. All the time that you could have spent cooking on your own could be spent for beauty rest, hair and makeup, and gown fitting along with your girls in their green bridesmaid dresses.

Professional – Catering vendors are professional and licensed. Unless you are pro yourself, there could be a lot of things that these guys know in cooking more than you do, so leave the job to them and focus on getting yourself beautiful to tie the knot. Also, the quality of food made by pros are basically superb, so you won’t have to worry about it, but just make sure to get a good one.


Freshness of Ingredients – You may not be able to tell whether or not the ingredients are fresh or frozen prior to cooking. You could not also distinguish if they’ve really bought an organically-raised chicken or not because they do their own marketing and the freshness of the food is upon their own discretion.

Added Expenses – There is no denying that it could literally cost you more to have a caterer than to do things on your own. You might not be able to get that green mother of the bride dresses for your guardian if you go way beyond your budget on the food. Nevertheless, you can always tell the catering vendor if you’re on a strict budget to see if they are flexible enough to meet your needs and demands without sacrificing your budget.

Weigh the pros and cons of both choices and ponder carefully on which option best suits your needs and preferences. On the one hand, self-catering is doable only if you have enough helpers to aid you with the process. Meanwhile, opting for catering vendor is only best when you have enough money to pay for it.