Saving Oil Energy Right at Your Home

saving-oil-at-homeSaving oil energy is crucial in households that make use of heaters and coolers most of the time. People in the Western areas or those with summer and winter seasons are the ones who usually avail of these appliances, which consume enormous amounts of oil energy when used. This is very true during the mentioned seasons of the year in order to achieve comfort and convenience at home. However, using too much oil energy will not only result to the increase of your monthly utility bills, but will result to the potential damage of the environment. Before this could take a toll on Earth, let us start saving oil energy at home.

By Using Oil-Efficient Furnaces – Most new furnaces in the United States are already equipped with features like condensing systems, electronic ignition, and variable speed fans that help reduce the release of insignificant amounts of oil. Go for oil furnaces that are certified with the Energy Star rating. You can also check online for brands and models that have the AFUE of 78 percent, which is the minimum, permitted AFUE by the environmental agencies.

By Ensuring that Windows and Doors are Eco-friendly – Spaces in below your door and in between your windows can let the heat escape from your home. Whether you have the most efficient heater, humidifier, or air conditioner, but once the drafts in your doors and windows are inefficient, you can say hello to rising utility bills and wastage of oil energy at home. This means that you have to check the drafts in your doors and windows to ensure that proper insulation is achieved at home. Meanwhile, place towels or other fabric to seal those drafts and avoid heat from escaping, saving at least 20% of energy every day.

In addition to that, opt for curtains and draperies that trap heat really well as this can help lower the thermostat of your heater during the middle of the day. There are also energy-efficient draperies that are very competent in trapping the heat from the sun and during the day, which can be used to heat the house at night.

By Checking on your Thermostat – Turn down your thermostat once in a while as it can greatly decrease energy consumption. Wear warm garments instead of relying solely on your heater. Put on your best wool socks or fleece and flannels everyday as the feet are usually the first body parts that chills during the cold season.

You see, saving oil energy at home is not just all about saving heat at home, but it’s also about lowering your utility bills.