Saving Gas Quiz

fuel-savingGas supplies are dwindling and greenhouse gas emissions are soaring. How fuel-efficient are your driving habits?

Driving is what almost everyone does these days. Whether you are going to work, fetching your kids at school, or going to the park for a picnic, driving your car is probably one of the things that you normally do each day. But have you ever really thought how much you are actually spending for the gas? Gas prices are skyrocketing these days and what better way to save more money than to be able to know how much of your income is being slashed off for gasoline.

1. When going to another town for a trip, you think about the things that you should pack. You usually

  • Don’t mind packing a lot of things; our car has a spacious trunk, it can hold several stuffs, so no worries.
  • Make sure that you pack lightly. Weighty materials in the trunk can add up to the car’s load, multiplying its consumption of gas.
  • Don’t mind about it. My partner does the packing.

2. You have just started your engine when a friend dropped by for a quick chat. You

  • Have a good chat for a couple of minutes. It’s always good to catch up.
  • Turn my engine off and hear whatever she/he has to say.
  • Will just wave and speed off. I don’t have time to chit chat.

3. Your mom never fails to remind you to drive slowly. It minimizes car accidents and helps you save money, too. Why do you think that slowing down can help you save money?

  • I don’t know. I am not the one paying up for gas.
  • Slowing down minimizes the consumption of gas, which means that I can still maximize its use.
  • Save money? I don’t really care how much I am paying for gas.

4. You notice that one of your tires is slowly deflating. You

  • Will wait for tomorrow. You don’t have time for it right now.
  • Will have it properly inflated, so the car engine won’t work so hard to keep my car moving since properly inflated wheels will have less friction on the road.
  • Will change it as soon as hubby notices it.

5. It is a hot day. You are driving your way to the office. You

  • Turn the air conditioner system ON. There is no way I am going to the office with a perspiring forehead.
  • Will definitely open my windows. Fresh air is better and it’ll help save fuel compared to turning the a/c ON.
  • Will definitely turn on the A/C. What is savings when I look like fire due to the heat?

6. You have just heard the news that there’s a price roll-up for gas today. You

  • Will turn the TV off and proceed with your normal life as if nothing is new with that news.
  • Will do quick research on which gasoline station gives the cheapest price.
  • Will not make a big deal out of it. A roll-up of $.50 per liter won’t do any harm to your pocket anyway.

7. The pantry has run out of iodized salt, pepper, and rock salt. You felt the need to run errands at a store one block from your home. You need to run because you will use these for the dish you are preparing. You

  • Will have speed off to the store. It’s just one block anyway; the fuel consumption won’t hurt my pocket.
  • Will decide to walk fast. It’s just one block and it won’t take at least 10 minutes to get there.
  • Will definitely change the dish. Who needs these when I can just whip a soup and salad for dinner?

8. Vehicle needs maintenance and you technically know about that. However, you have noticed that your car is perfectly fine despite the fact that you’ve missed almost a month for its regular maintenance check. What do you do?

  • It’s fine, right? Who goes to a doctor when you’re not sick, anyway?
  • I have to make time for it as soon as possible even if it’s still running well. A well-maintained automobile efficiently decreases gas consumption.
  • Will do it next month probably. I still have to save more for that new Mac book in the market.

9. You plan on spending your hard-earned money on a new vehicle. You think that you deserve it. You think of buying

  • Sports cars. These always look sexy.
  • Hybrids. These are the most fuel efficient cars in the market.
  • I let my partner decide on that.

10. The family welcomes the arrival of a brother and his family from Hawaii. They miss the metro and you have plans of taking them their tomorrow along with your wife. You

  • Make the itinerary and make sure that the car’s been gas up before leaving.
  • Go for car pooling. Either of your cars can handle 3 more people in the backseat. Everyone can save on fuel and money in this idea.
  • Wait whatever they like. They’re the visitors, remember?