Recycled Materials that Can Be Used in Green Gardening

recycled-items-green-gardeningGreen gardening isn’t all about growing plants in the absence of chemicals. It is also about creating a beautiful garden with the use of recycled materials. There are practically tons of things that are deemed useless, but may be very functional to your plants. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Old drawers, cabinets, and tables – Needless to say, these can all be used as planters. You can always put small sized plants in a pot and line them up on tables and in cabinets. You can make drawers stand place small size plants inside. With these, you now have instant planters sans added costs.

Doors and screen doors – Who say a garden can’t have doors? An old door always poses as a graceful entry and exit to a beautiful garden while old screen doors can stand as trellis to vegetable plants that crawl.

Old glass lamps – When you plan on putting up an organic garden, be prepared to furnish it with stuff that attract birds, bees, and other natural gardeners. Old glass lamps can stand as bird feeders or bird baths.

Baby crib – Did you know that old baby cribs are useful in your garden? Dismantle the crib, so it can now stand vertically then place it near you’re the plants that love trellis.

Window frames and windows – Love to add a touch of drama in your garden? Hang old windows from trees and place small plants on its frame. Window frames are best used as garden dividers.

Garden shovel and old chicken feeder – If your garden shovel is no longer functional shove it into the ground and have an instant trellis. If you have rusted feeder that you don’t use anymore, stuff it with rich soil and place bulbs in it well.

Old chairs – High chairs can very well be converted into planters without necessarily buying bigger pots. You can also paint it with vibrant colors for a more vibrant effect.
Old license plates – Who say license plates are only for cars? Mold them into squares or cones and you’ll have an instant planter at home.

Paper cups and unused bowls – They’re always a lovely addition to your garden as you can stuff tiny ornamental plants in them. Be creative by painting the cups with rich colors to add vigor to your blissful garden. It’s a very quick and cheap solution to flower lovers who only have little space in their homes.

Old wooden boat – It can turn into a wonderful surprise when filled with daisies and lavenders as its earthly tone creates contract to the flowers’ beautiful colors.