Proven Ways to Look Stress-free on your Wedding Day

stress-free-on-wedding-dayEvery bride loves to look glowing on her wedding day. Sporting that blushing bride look has always been a goal, but may not always apply to everyone, especially if she’s hands-on on everything that’s going on for her upcoming big day. Despite the stress that brides-to-be go through, there are actually tons of ways on how you can manage to look gorgeous and stress-free when you tie the knot and ultimately achieve that blushing bride look. Here are some proven ways to look stress-free on your wedding day.

Switch to a Nutrition-Packed Diet – What you eat affects your look in a very significant way because our skin and appeal is skin deep. The rule to look glowing based on your diet is pretty simple – eat healthily. Nothing beats nutritious foods such as green, leafy and rich-colored veggies as well as fresh fruits when it comes to the amount of antioxidants and beneficial compounds that are good for the skin. We treat the skin first because it is the largest organ in the body that can be seen with our naked eyes. When we have glowing and youthful skin, we emanate a peaceful aura that makes us look beautiful regardless of skin color and facial features. The best foods for the skin are carrots, the berries family, broccoli, cucumber, tomato, apple, beets, sweet potatoes, lemons, spinach, grapefruit, lettuce, and watermelon. Opt for less red meat and more on poultry and fish meals. Additionally, go for unprocessed foods and buy from local supermarkets. Ditch canned goods, preserved juices and ready to cook meals as well as sweet and fatty food choices.

Dump Unhealthy Vices – In this aspect, two of the most common ones include smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Both unhealthy practices can suck out the life in your skin and cause toxin buildup inside your body, leaving your skin dry, dull, and dreary. In fact, most people who smoke too much and drink too much alcohol look older than their real age. If you need help in this aspect, you might want to do it slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms. However, this tip is only applicable if you have a year or at least 6 months to prepare prior to the big day.

Exercise – Having a healthy diet is good, but helping the body flush out its unwanted toxins and fats complements well with the former. Additionally, you don’t only release these unhealthy compounds out of your system as you also help replenish dead cells into healthier ones. Apart from that, who doesn’t want the obvious benefits of exercising, which include toned muscles and sexier body? On the one hand, exercising doesn’t mean registering to the gym. You can exercise everyday without even realizing it like walking down your office’s stairs instead of using the elevator; going swimming or playing tennis with friends and soon to be hubby on the weekends; and jogging around the neighborhood for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week are some of the non-boring exercises that you can try. If you want immediate results, you can increase the frequency as well as the duration, but be careful not to strain your muscles though.

Make a Checklist – Nothing beats the usefulness of having a checklist for an upcoming occasion such as a wedding day. With a checklist, you can get everything done in an organized manner without or with very minimal instances of forgetting something. You can also include a budget checklist, too.

Have a Life of Your Own – Okay, your marriage is a very important matter, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life just because you have a nuptial to organize and prepare. You must continue going out with your friends; meeting in a café; submitting office reports; and so on. These can all minimize the stress related to your wedding day because the more you think about it, the more you feel agitated about it.

Do Not Let Small Troubles Stress You – Be ready to whatever issues you might face on your wedding day. No, we’re not discouraging you, but you should face the fact that minute technical problems, time constraints, apparel woes, food imperfections, and so on might occur. However, these should not be considered major issues. Do not let these aspects stress you out. Instead, control your emotions and settle for what’s present in the occasion and what your loved ones can do to fix it. Remember, you have a husband and a marriage to focus on.

Seek Support from your Husband-to-Be – Remind yourself that you are not alone. You have a boyfriend and a soon to be groom who can assist you. Consider his suggestions as well as your family and his family’s advices as these matters, too. Apart from that, if you have enough money, consider getting a wedding planner, but make sure to oversee everything that the planner is creating for your wedding.