How to Save More on your Utility Bills

save-electricSaving more money on utility bills is probably in every household owner’s checklist. It is the second must-paid expenses right after mortgage. Unless you are used in working and living your daily life without electricity and running water, you’ll probably don’t mind reading this piece. However, if you want to save any amount that you could have put in your piggy bank, you’ll never want to miss this article.

How to Save Electricity on your Thermostats, Air Conditioner, and Heater Utility bills seem to skyrocket during the summer season because we tend to use air conditioners more often at these times. With the following tips, you can altogether say goodbye to air conditioner even during the hot season.

  • 1. Put on summer appropriate clothing like tank tops, shorts, and cool shirts. Needless to say, avoid heavy and dark colored clothing.
  • 2. Lick on your favorite ice cream and pop sickles or have a glass of cold water at reach.
  • 3. At night when the air is cold, open the windows and use electric fan instead of air conditioner.
  • 4. Cover all windows with curtain where the sun’s rays may reach during the day to avoid letting in hot air.
  • 5. Make your own DIY air con during the day. Fill two glasses with water and a pinch of rock salt. Let it freeze overnight. During the day, position a regular-sized electric fan in front of the glasses with frozen water. Turn on the fan and you’ll have endless supply of cool air for few hours.
  • 6. Spend the weekends at the beach. Everyone loves summer because it is the perfect time to put on their rash guards and select bikinis or spend a lazy afternoon sipping smoothies or refreshing juices at the beach.
  • 7. Use electric fan rather than air conditioner. Electric fans consume lesser amount of energy than air conditioners.
  • 8. Have your air conditioner maintained regularly. It consumes more energy when it’s interiors are dirty and not well-maintained.
  • 9. Buy an eco-friendly or green air conditioner.
  • 10. Have a programmable thermostat, so you can easily reprogram the thermostat while you’re away from home. Experts say that the rule of the thumb to save on thermostats is to turn it down to at least 10 degrees when you’re out of the house and while asleep.
  • 11. Immediately turn down the water heater when it’s done its job and make sure that all heating vents are well-maintained.
  • 12. During the day, open all windows and curtains to let warm air inside the house.
  • 13. To secure cool air inside a room where an air conditioning system is being used, make sure to close all windows and doors and seal all spaces in between windows and under your door.

How to Save Electricity on your Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a staple in every household as it helps lengthen the food’s shelf life. Unfortunately, if we don’t know how to use it well, it might just become the source of the biggest percentage in your monthly utility expense. Here are some tried and tested tips on how to avoid incurring high electricity bills on your ref:

1. Never leave the refrigerator door open for a long time. When warm air dominates cool air inside the ref, the motor of the appliance will double up to produce enough cool air. When this happens, the motor also consumes more energy leading to unnecessary increase on your electric bill.

2.  Opt for a non ice maker model. Experts have noted that refrigerators with ice makers tend to consume more energy than those without the said feature. Apart from that, ice makers tend to shorten the appliance’s life span.

3. Fill those small spaces in your refrigerator to maintain the coldness of its temperature.

4. When wanting to use it in a restaurant where a lot of people buy cold drinks, opt for a glass door refrigerator to see its contents without opening it.

How to Save Electricity in your Bathroom

We all want to have a good bath, and some even spend half an hour in the shower or in the tub. While this isn’t a sin, it may take a toll on your utility bill. Here are proven ways to lower utility bills while using bathroom amenities:

1. Opt for a shower head that is energy efficient. Most low flow shower heads let you save at least 17% off on your utility bills without cutting off your enthusiasm in showering. Go for shower head models that partner with EPA or Environmental Protection Agency since most of their products have energy saving feature.

2. Choose a showerhead that’s equipped with thermostat control.

3. Wash everything in cold water even when you’re using washing machine.

How to Save Electricity with your Gadgets, Lights, and Appliances

1. It is always a rule to switch OFF and plug out any wires of unused appliances to cut any form of electricity movement.

2. Use your laptops on hard surfaces rather than cushioned and soft surfaces.

3. Choose LED lights. They’re energy efficient, cool to the touch, and less likely to emit unnecessary heat. They also have longer life span compared to other lighting brands. Use solar LED lights for your patio and pathway lighting needs.