How to Protect our Environment from the Kitchen

protect-kitchenDid you know that the kitchen is not only a place for cooking, dining, and family bonding? The kitchen is where environment protection starts whether it’s land, air, or water pollution that we want to fight for. It is where we can do a lot of things to help stop the spread of environmental pollution and everyone can actually do all these simple ways:

Recycle water – This greatly applies when washing dishes. First of all, it has been estimated that dish washers use up 70% of energy from its source and liters and liters of water to thoroughly rinse the dining ware. The used water is then released to the septic tank or through a sewage system that is most likely connected to a body of water. The soap, oil, and other residues in these plates are then scattered in bodies of water, which can contaminate it and cause the death of those underwater species in the area. Conversely, if you use water from the faucet and have a pale or two of water for rinsing, you can save almost have of the energy used by the machine. Furthermore, if you throw the used water to the garden, your plants will thank you for it because the carbon, phosphorus, and other substances coming from the soap, grease, and residues are important for their growth. This way, you didn’t only conserve energy and clean dishes well, but you also water your plants efficiently.

Cook with the right appliances – Studies show that cooking with the use of the conventional full-sized oven can produce much heat compared to microwave oven or a slow cooker, especially those that are already equipped with energy saver features. If your kitchen is too hot, the cooling system in your house will automatically rise, making it energy inefficient. Another step is to close the cover of your pots or pans when you want to boil or just leave the food to simmer for a couple of minutes because more energy is being used up when you leave the lid open.

Treat the fridge right – Frequently opening and closing the refrigerator door can also speed up its consumption of energy, thereby increasing electric bills. This is one of the reasons that restaurants and food courts make use of glass door refrigerators, so customers can see the available drinks. Also, if you plan of running to the grocery, avoid leaving the fridge open for a long time just to browse the things that you lack. Have a quick scan of the contents and close it immediately. Furthermore, make sure that your refrigerator door is always securely closed.