How To Plan For An Eco-Friendly Wedding Ceremony On The Beach

eco-wedding-on-beachMarriage is one of the momentous occasions that most of us look forward into. It is the time when 2 individuals professed their love for each other and are bonded together in a wedding celebration. Traditionally, weddings are done inside the halls of a church on within a small chapel. However, there also some ceremonies that go beyond the usual norm and it’s done in an open area such as the garden or the beach. Now wouldn’t be nice to spend your wedding day on the beach? What wedding dress are you going to wear for this lovely day? This article is created to guide us choosing the best beach wedding dresses as well as giving tips in the other areas of preparation to make the wedding eco-friendly and memorable at the same time.

Knowing These Essentials To Make Your Eco-Friendly Beach Wedding Successful:

As we all know, weddings usually entails a lot of rigorous preparations from the location, the attire, down to the color themes to be used. If you plan on having an eco-friendly beach wedding, here are some important tips that you need to follow:

1. Pick the right dress – Make sure that you are going to wear the right wedding dress for the occasion. Since you are going to have a beach wedding, it is important to wear something that will truly depict a tropical feel so that you can really enjoy this lovely day. Simple wedding dresses have a minimalistic flow of fashion that usually shows more of the skin rather than covering it. Be true to the theme of the ceremony and feel the tropical heat.

2. Choose a dress made from eco-friendly fabrics – The best eco-friendly wedding dresses are made from natural fabrics like cotton to allow the skin to breathe while being exposed under the heat of the sun.  Since cotton is natural, you can make sure that this is eco-friendly. In addition to this, choose a dress that has not been dyed using chemicals that might harm the environment to ensure its eco-friendly qualities as well.

3. Choose an eco-friendly wedding gown – Choosing eco-friendly wedding dresses involves picking up the right gown for the occasion. Select a gown that is made gorgeous and eco-friendly at the same time. Since the wedding gown the centerpiece of the ceremony, it should be made to compliment the beauty of the bride (without harming the eco-system, so to speak).

(Other details you need to take note of):

4. Location and decoration – The area where the wedding is going to be held should be free from pollution. It should be at least less urbanized to depict the true sense of the beach wedding theme. On the other hand, the decors that are going to be used must not be made from harmful chemicals that to prevent polluting the ecosystem of the location.

5. Guests – It’s recommended to inform your guests about your intentions of making your wedding day and eco-friendly celebration as well. This is to ensure that all the specifications of the ceremony are being followed and the solemnity of your vows will be fully felt.


Isn’t it great to be wed to the one person you love the most and love nature at the same time? Just follow these simple tips on how to plan for an eco-friendly beach wedding ceremony mentioned above and surely the memories of this day will be something to be cherished for a lifetime.