How to Apply the 3 R’s at Home

3R-home-01Going green does not only minimize the accumulation of toxic wastes and chemicals in the environment as it also keeps both humans and animals alive and well. Take a look around you; you see factories, several modes of transportation including buses, trains, cabs, and the likes; edifices and structures that endlessly use lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other facilities; and many other spots and things that only mean one thing –accumulation of toxic wastes. It is high time that we should all act responsibly towards the planet that we live in. If you don’t have any idea how you can go green, here are the top ways on how you can practice your love of the planet wherever you may be. These are all based on the general rule of loving the environment – Reuse, Reduce, and Recyle.


When we say reuse, it means finding more ways on how you can make use of an item in order to avoid accumulation of garbage. For example, if you have old clothes that you don’t like to wear, you can either donate these to orphanage or give these to your relatives. You may not like the style and fitting of those clothes anymore, but you can always lift the spirit of those who will receive the garments, especially if they need it very much.

SO001038For unused and old paper cups, you can always unleash your creativity, paint these with colors, and use these as pots for seedlings.

Did you know that the grey water you used to rinse your dishes and clothes is very useful to plants? It contains essential substances like phosphorus and grease, which are all beneficial to the growth of the plants. You can also use it to flush your bowl or to wash your rugs with. The next time you think of throwing it to the drain, toss it to your mini garden or bushes, these plants will definitely thank you for it.

You can also reuse old magazines as well as used gift wrappers can still be made into notebook or book covers; old newspapers can be made into decors; opened mailing envelopes into a grocery list; peanut butter jars can be used to store food; old blankets and towels are great fabrics for your pets to sleep on; use old boxes for future shipments; turn worn and old curtains into rags for cleaning your vehicle and computer; use old toothbrushes to clean narrow areas like sinks, bottles, and the likes; old wooden furniture can still be used for bonfires during gatherings at home or remodel it and give it to your loved ones; and yard debris can be used as composts.

On the one hand, did you know that your old mattress can be used for a variety of purpose? The padding can be used as dog bed while the springs can be used as ornaments. Its fabric can be used as furniture covering, rags, and storage bags while bed slats can be reused as book shelves.


3R-home-03To reduce means to use fewer items at a certain task. This is dubbed as the mother of all the 3R’s and it should be the first rule to consider when making any task at home. Reducing the use of energy, materials, and water deliberately cuts down the possible amount of pollution and wastes that a certain activity can incur. One way to reduce energy at home is by turning OFF all appliances when not in use. By turning OFF, we actually mean plugging out any plugged wires because even if you turn or switch off an appliance, it will still continue to consume energy if it is still plugged into an outlet. Turn OFF your TV, components, and computers if you plan to take a shower. Consequently, you can also buy solar LED lights to save the environment and to save your pocket as well.

When it comes to fashion, opt for products that are made by durable materials and that last long. This way, you can use the item for more years. For gadgets and electronics, go for eco-friendly television sets and computers like those that are equipped with LED lights. LED lights have superb record in keeping the gadgets’ consumption of energy in low levels. Finally, opt for goods and products that come from organic pieces and that are not manufactured through extensive and harmful processes.


Of the three R’s, recycle may be the most common option. Recycling means finding more usage of certain wastes like plastic bottles. Plastic bottles account as one of the biggest percentages of garbage in the world as people tend to buy water bottles and the likes endlessly then throwing it into the garbage bin after consuming its contents. Plastic bottles can still be used to refill water or soda in school or at the office. Did you know that it can also be used as speakers? Just cut out the bottle in half, place it nearby a mobile phone with the phone’s speaker facing the bottle’s inner part conveniently. Remember, electronic wastes are aplenty, so make sure to recycle old mobile phones and computers before throwing it into the bin. You can either donate these gadgets into designated companies or give it to recycling posts.