Household Recycling Tips

household-recyclingI bet you are already familiar with the terms reuse, reduce, and recycle. Environmentalists are making drastic movements to stabilize nature by promoting the use of reuse, reduce, and recycle to everyone. These tasks are actually quite easy to follow and can also be observed wherever we go. Nevertheless, everything should start at home, so everyone in a household is encouraged to recycle.

Firstly, let us tackle each activity separately. Reuse means making supposedly-garbage stuffs useful. Some examples of items would include used paper cups during your child’s birthday party. You can actually turn these used paper cups into seedling pots and unleash your child’s creativity by painting the exterior part of the cups first before stuffing the seedlings into. You didn’t only save money from buying new pots for the seedlings, but you also created bonding moments with your curious tots. Another tip would be to reuse outdated electronic products like personal computers. Certainly, CPUs would become outdated over time and such scenario can be really pesky. Have your PC upgraded and enjoy new versions of processors and programs without spending several thousand of dollars for a brand new machine. Meanwhile, if you love collecting mobile gadgets and you think that your phone is already ancient, don’t throw it into the bin. Give or donate it to the needy through authorized centers or give it to a relative who is not financially endowed to buy one. You would not only be able to make that person happy, but you would also be able to save the planet and your loved ones from the accumulation of harmful chemicals like lead in e-wastelands or in dumping areas of electronic products.

Secondly, reduce means to lower the amount of usage of the energy like water, electricity, and solar energy. One of the ways to reduce these is to avoid leaving electronic products plugged when not in use. Always turn these OFF and unplug its wire before leaving the area to make sure that it’s electricity-free already. Another tip is to reduce wasting water by recycling used water after washing dishes and clothes by tossing it into your garden, yard, or nearby trees.

Thirdly, we have recycle, which is basically similar to reuse. Apparently, there are so many household items that we can actually reuse or recycle. Items like books, DVDs, plastic bottles, papers and magazines, and so many other materials at home that we sometimes think to be non-essential. Did you know that you can also recycle used engine oil and wood waste? Although we may not know how to recycle some items, there are a lot of non-profit organizations that do the work. All you have to do is research for them.