Home Renovation Going Green

green-home-renovationAs the saying goes, your home speaks so much about you. Don’t worry; I am not talking about how messy or how tidy your house is. I am talking about how you can have an eco-friendly, renovated home. Going green at home is the least we can do while the Earth is still suffering from pollution crises. If you’re planning to renovate your home anytime soon, here are some tips that you might want to incorporate for a greener house project:

Choose eco-friendly materials – When we say eco-friendly home renovating materials, it means that we have to use eco-friendly products like green paint, green walls and floors, chair, appliances, and everything that you see at home. Green products are made from sustainable materials; not processed or manufactured with chemicals; and beneficial as well. When picking an eco-friendly flooring material, choose bamboo-made flooring material as these are made from bamboo grass, one of the most renewable plants on Earth. Bamboo poles are harvested from the same bamboo plant annually, making it very renewable. You can also opt to re-use good and undamaged tiles. This is a cost-effective way of re-creating your floor. For the paint, go for VOC-free paints. Non-green paints are made with VOC or volatile organic compounds like colorants or artificial dyes, plasticizers, and the likes. These are lung and skin-friendly, too. There’s also milk paint, a paint processed naturally from milk, protein, and lime sans VOC’s, plasticizers, and chemicals residues, and petroleum-based products. In other words, major home items should not be made from unsustainable products.

Recycle – Not all materials affected by the renovation are bad. Some of them are actually recyclable. Wooden flooring or walling can be used to make a division in a small fish pond; can be reshaped to make a bookstand; a wooden stool; an outdoor bench; a wooden towel holder; or even a log coffee table. The ideas are endless when it comes to recycling.

Re-touch – There may also be some parts at home that don’t necessarily need to be cracked down. When these parts are still patchable, patch it. When you only need to plug items or cover it well to make it functional, do it. The bottom line is, avoid having full renovation when the spot is still good to be retained. Fixing minute damages can save both time and money during the renovation.

Use eco-friendly fixtures and appliances – I couldn’t stress further that using green fixtures and appliances is the best way to go green for a long time; not to mention the savings that you can obtain from having energy-saving equipment. Some popular green appliances include LED lighting systems; energy-saving refrigerators; LED powered monitors; solar powered lights and fixtures; and many more. For the appliances, visit recycling stores for your old appliances and buy new, eco-friendly models. Old models tend to consume high amounts of energy and tend to leave large amount of carbon footprint in the environment. For window panes, change single-pane windows to double or triple-pane window styles and make sure to install insulation to walls and other spaces for to retain heat or cold temperature inside the house. Another equipment to consider is a programmable thermostat. It automatically adjusts to the coolness and hotness of a certain room and automatically turns down the heat during nighttime as well.

Reduce Waste – House renovation can mean tons of wastes, but steps can be made to ensure that waste reduction is observed throughout the entire project. Firstly, instruct your renovation constructor about the proper segregation and removal of wastes. Prepare an area for items that are recyclable and non-recyclable. This provides ease when sorting out materials that can still be used. Only order the amount of materials that the contractors can use for the day or for a specific task. Ordering extra materials can mean more wastes and more unnecessary costs.

On the one hand, there are also other things that you can do to have a green house renovation project. Firstly, if you love carpentry and interior decoration, you can do the fixing on your own or with the aid of a relative, your hubby, or a paid carpenter neighbor. They are way better than a bunch of construction workers who seem to always tag along tons of carbon dioxide footprint from their drilling machines and other equipment. However, if you are on your own or if you’re paying a neighbor carpenter for a small fee, you don’t only get to save money, but you also help save the environment by tools that don’t necessarily leave carbon footprints. Apart from that, house renovation may not be a necessity if you fix damages and issues immediately like water leaks. Fix water leaks right away to avoid more damages and more wasted energy at home.

Finally, house renovation may not always be the best solution there is. Never disregard simple house issues as these may escalate and never wait for a major house renovation to happen when you could have handle a minute problem at first.