Green Weddings in London

Picture Courtesy of iMAG1NE
Picture Courtesy of iMAG1NE
Picture Courtesy of iMAG1NE

Make one of your big days a fantastic and exotic event of a lifetime! To make your great day a dramatic one, the best type of wedding you will choose is in the outdoor – green wedding is the best answer for that! Aside from obtaining the dramatic and exotic wedding, couples, indeed, show their green conscious and how environmental-friendly they are. Your green wedding will absolutely have two purposes – the union of your partner and advocating green living. Where can we find felicitous place for this green wedding? London is the best place to befit the reception of your wedding. This place is one of the most seductive cities in terms of seducing visitors internationally with their historical sites, famous entertainments & rides (specifically the London Eye), and the natural attractions that can ease your stress from hassle and bustle activities in the heart of the city. Are you aware of how this kind of wedding prepared? Here are some of the best things to prepare of.

Natural Attractions of London for Your First-Class Venue of Your Green Wedding!

London is sometimes deemed as a polluted spot to spend gathering at, but it is actually the best place to gaze up in the sky and can merely refresh you from bothersome stress. Make this place to be the best spot for your great day! Hereunder are some of the eye-catching natural attractions of London.

The Valley Garden – Coddle the aura as you are in the enchantment place of Surrey, London celebrating the greatest moment of your entire life – the wedding. The Valley Garden has a various kinds of species (exotic trees in particular) where it can add the enchantment of your green wedding. You can make it as your perfect venue of your green wedding as it tremendously gives you, couple, and your guests a refreshing place and great time to spend with. In this kind of place, princess wedding dresses are apt clothing to this exotic venue. Being the bride, you can feel how your dreams come true as you wear this princess wedding dress in the regal place for your wedding. Somehow, you can also wear lace wedding dresses, if you want to. Have you ever picture out the green picturesque surrounds you as you feel free wearing your lace wedding dress? It’s an awful green wedding too.

River Thames
River Thames

River Thames – Isn’t it unique and lovely as you set your venue in this natural attraction of Woolwich, London! It is once in a blue moon for couples to have their wedding ceremony in a floating tourist barge. River Thames is one of the paramount of London. It is also a historical site in which you can verify it to the Thames Barrier nearside of the river. This river has many trees in the side producing fresh and sustainable surroundings during your wedding. To make this green wedding enormous one, chiffon wedding dresses are commendable to dress of with this cool-air place. With your chiffon wedding dress, you look a lovely and fairy bride as it’s down over on the ground. Chiffon wedding dresses are light and comfortable to wear that will make you turn into a goddess in the magnificent river. Plus size lace wedding dresses are also befit in this kind of surroundings. This can absolutely make you stress-free in the day of your wedding.

Green Foods for that Ultimate Green Wedding!

Foods are also one of the factors to make your green wedding as an expedient moment. Since you have planned to be an environmental-friendly couple, your foods will also have a great impact for this type of wedding. You must look or ask your catering services that your food must be made in organic substances and mixtures. Opt for menus that use only of local harvests. Picking vegan choices can also be a great addition in the menu. Through this, you can definitely maintain the purpose of your wedding.

Chic and at the same time Sustainable Decorations will Make Your Wedding Peerless!

If foods matter in big gatherings like this, decorations also do. Make your green wedding a nostalgic through the decorations you have. In this green wedding, wedding decorators will never get tired of adding more beauty and grandeur to the site of the ceremony. As long as decorators emphasize the use of sustainable and environment-friendly items, your wedding will stay perfect and green! You can have some sustainable materials to add audacity to the event.

Be Eco-friendly of Your Wedding Souvenirs!

Wedding souvenirs in green wedding are almost handmade. Why is that so? It is because most of the handicraft products are made in native substances that are produced in a sustainable environment. On the one hand, DIY wedding souvenirs and invitations never fail to look artistic and unique, making it more appealing than the conventional ready made pieces. People will never forget you because of the chic and green mementos you ever have.