Green Snacks for Healthier Tots

green-snacksWe all love to raise healthy and energetic kids, right? We all want them to feel safe and participative all the time, and we can only do that if they are at their best health condition. Conversely, no matter how much we try to give them the healthiest food choices there is, we sometimes fail to come up with easy and nutritious snacks, thinking that those chocolate drinks or chips will do the trick. Take note that even if they’re just a few bites, these foods can literally mean harm to their body.

Fruits – It should be fresh and ready to eat. As much as possible, it should need no peeling as it is time consuming. Apples, peaches, and the likes are easy to find and easy to munch on as well since these only need washing. Toss at least an apple or a peach in your kids’ backpack for an afternoon snack in school. You can also have these peeled and sliced in a container for easier consumption. Fruit salads that are made of fresh fruits combined together and topped with homemade dressing is another trick to keep those little tummies behaved when hunger strikes.

Homemade Bars – The thought of having bars as snacks will certainly make them feel giddy. After all, they always know that bars definitely mean chocolates and everything sweet. Here’s a quick recipe called granola power balls: the main ingredients include oats, coconut flakes, peanut butter, ground flaxseed, chocolate chips, vanilla, and honey. Firstly, combine all ingredients very well. Then shape them into fun-sized balls and store in the fridge. These are healthy, easy, and eco-friendly in the sense that it doesn’t need heat to cook.
Mixed Nuts – This is a very quick and easy snack. Children definitely like it except for those who are allergic to peanuts. A handful of mixed nuts are a quick source of protein and essential fats. Cashew, pili nuts, and peanuts are some of the best choices in the market. You can also toast them quickly for a flavorful and quick snack. There are also numerous mixed nuts packaging in supermarket, but these may not always be a healthy pick since most of these are already loaded with preservatives.

Sandwiches – Sandwiches are one of the best snacks for kids. Depending on the filling, it can be made whipped up in just a few minutes. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of filling. You can either go for veggies with fruit filling, chicken or turkey, jam, and the likes. To have a more eco-friendly option, pick filling that is easy to make sans the need for too much heat and cold.