Green Gardening

green-gardeningGardening has always been a therapeutic hobby. It makes the environment look beautiful while it provides fresh and clean air. A lot of gardeners also find enjoyment in the hobby as it can be a good form of stress reliever. But did you know that gardening may not be as easy as it looks? There are a number of steps to take in order to produce a beautiful garden, particularly if you want green gardening.

Avoid any gardening product that’s placed in plastic. Plastic has always been known for the damage that it can cause to the air, water, and land when disposed improperly.  Therefore, avoid getting any products like budding plants or tools placed inside plastics from a nursery shop. Instead, opt for seedlings or small equipment wrapped in paper.

Use plants that are easily found in your location as these can easily adapt with the climate in your area. Apart from that, there is a tendency for you to use fertilizers and any other harmful gardening product needed to make it grow healthily. Nevertheless, if you use native plants, it’ll grow well without the need for further aid.

Create a healthy foundation for your plants by using natural composts, which basically include dried plants and weeds, hay straw, and a few pieces of crumpled leaves. This will serve as a good start for seedlings to live and grow on.

Use plants that are naturally resistant to insects and parasites like tomatoes, lettuces, and certain types of squash as these will help you obtain a herbicide-free garden all year long. Nonetheless, it is still vital to ensure that these plants are adaptive to your local soil.

Ensure that each plant has enough space for proper growth. Having very limited space can lessen its full growth potential, which can prompt you to apply fertilizers and pesticides for a bountiful harvest and lovely flowers.

Keep rain water during stormy days and save more water by using the stored option to water your plants. Rain is not only best for these green friends, but are also helpful in your pocket.

Finally, steer clear from power or gas generated machineries for your gardening project. These don’t only mean harm to the soil, but also to your electric bills. Apart from that, leaking to the ground may also cause harm to seedlings. Therefore, if you love your plants so much, get down and get dirty. Have a one on one contact with them to ensure that all of them are growing very well.

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