Going to Buy an Air Conditioner?

buying-air-conditionerYou have made your mind to buy an air conditioner for your home, office or shop. Before going for shopping, you need to spend a few minutes to understand the terms of air conditioner such as

  • Filter: it cleans the air;
  • Packaged terminal heat pump: for large heating or cooling unit;
  • Thermostat: adjust the  air temperature  of the  AC unit;
  • Chassis: It is a frame that support the main part of the air conditioner and
  • Fan: it throw the air.

A fan with its variable speed and a thermostat which is adjustable are the primary component of an effective cooling machine .

After understanding the air conditioner terms now the next step is the consideration of measurement, which is the area to be cooled and capacity to be needed for the measured area. You have to measure  the sq. footage of the room and then consider other variables like number of windows and people in the room, ceiling height and direction of the room facing. If the air conditioner turns on and off too frequently, excessive energy will be consumed and will become the cause of the otherwise avoidable wear on the electrical component of the air conditioner. If you are going to buy window air conditioner then remember most of the  window air conditioner units are designed in such a way so they can be fitted into double hung windows, so do take  inside dimension measurement of  the window.  You should also check the capability of power supply of your circuit.  Some safety consideration points you should not neglect before buying are

  • What is the weight of the unit;
  • How heavy it is when being carried and installed;
  • How much noise it will make;
  • What it’s maintenance requirement is as air conditioner problem can be avoided if you follow it’s maintenance tips;
  • Installation guide: before installing the air conditioner unit follow the instructions of the  manufacturer’s carefully. For safety point of view it is necessary that the unit should be stable and should be tightly sealed so it will able to keep the cooling inside. If possible try to keep the air conditioner unit in a shaded window for its more and additional cooling efficiency and use weather stripping whenever necessary.

The above mentioned guides will assist you in choosing the right air conditioner for you .