Get To Know More About Biological Dentistry

dentistryAs human beings, it is natural for us to smile. Smiling is our physical expression of showing joy and happiness and surely it would be delightful to see someone smiling at you. But wouldn’t it be nice to see someone smiling with a healthy set of teeth? Yes, it’s a clear indicator that this person goes regularly to his/her dentist. And though it’s great to have a regular check with the conventional dentist, there are other ways to achieve pearly white teeth in a more natural way. In this post, we are going to know more about biological dentistry and the advantage of acquiring this type of medical care for our dental health.

A Brief History About Dentistry

Before we proceed further with the main topic, let us have a brief background about the origins of dentistry from its oldest known history to the latest development in this field of medical care. According to some historians, dentistry can be traced back in the ancient times. Some of the earliest recorded practice of dentistry dates back to 7000 B.C. It was a  simple type of practice then and little has been known about it. In other words, any person during that period can practice dentistry and it was not yet considered as a field of specialization. In fact, our ancestors faced little problems when it comes to dental care primarily because of the high protein diet that they often consumed. It was only in the later periods when oral problems became widespread because people learned agriculture and included carbohydrate-rich foods in their diet such as rice, corn, barley, wheat, etc.  Then in 1650-1800, more and more professionals have been aware of this field and it was recognized as a specialty. During this time, the dental practice was not only limited to doctors and physicians, but to barbers as well. Yes, barbers were once allowed to perform minor surgery and dental care for they were also considered as general health practitioners of that time. As most of us have become dependent to flour and sugar aside from meats and vegetables, oral health problems started to rise due to the shift in our biological make-up. We once have beneficial bacteria in our bodies and since we had a slight change in our diet, pathogens began to develop and they were some of the leading causes of gum problems, cavities, and even mouth infections.

What Is Biological Dentistry And How Can It Be Beneficial

Some professionals believe that dentistry and oral cavity are linked and it can be cured without having to resort on having these traditional dental treatments. That’s when Biological Dentistry comes into play. To give light into this field and the people who practice this, let us know more about Biological Dentistry from a biological doctor named Dr. Michael Schecter, DDS.

According to Dr. Schecter, a biological dentist is a doctor who deals with oral health in a broader sense compared to a traditional dentist. It is a professional who treats dental patients by carefully examining the processes of their body and try to reduce their body’s toxicity level to promote dental health and introduce balance and prevention.

A biological carefully examines the patient by looking at his/her overall dental ‘situation’ and not just isolate the problems of the teeth and of the gums. Because in reality all of this things are reside in your mouth and the only way to achieve optimum dental health is to have an ideal balance of everything from the food you eat, the water you drink, the amount of sleep you normally take, the stress that you feel, the activities that you do, etc. These factors can affect your body’s acidity and toxicity and can very well affect the health of your mouth. In other words, if your body is healthy, then your mouth is healthy as well.

Biological Dentistry also gives a proper guide to patients in terms of maintaining their oral health. According to Dr. Schecter, a better way to sustain the health of your teeth and mouth is to maintain a healthy diet. And by healthy diet, it means that patients have to gradually shift into eating carbohydrate based foods to eating green leafy vegetables and beneficial oils rather than brushing teeth with fluoride based toothpaste. Fluoride is beneficial for protecting our teeth and preventing tooth decay, but prevention is always better than cure. In this case, Dr. Schecter provides us with an alternative to fluoride as a protection because the better solution can sometimes be provided naturally. He even introduced the use of the iodine cavity guard for protecting our teeth as iodine has a natural anti-bacterial component to help maintain our oral health.

Another benefit you can get from Biological Dentistry is the usage of homeopathic remedies in dealing with oral issues. So instead of having the usual surgery and the use of medications, you will be given a choice to deal with a more holistic approach in order to heal faster and feel less pain.

If you’re interested to have a check up with a biological dentist today and try this natural method of dental care, you can visit and do a postal code search so that you can find a certified IAOMT biological dentist nearest you today.


Biological Dentistry is a natural and alternative approach in achieving overall dental health. A biological dentist is a person who performs this kind of practice and treats patients by looking their individual health components and how their body system process in terms of eating, sleeping, etc. because these can affect the toxicity level of the body which in turn affect the health of the mouth. Once the problem is determined, he will then offer a more holistic approach and provide other natural options for maintaining oral and dental health so that everybody can own that healthy smile that all of us would like to see.