Energy Efficient Windows

energy-efficient-windowsWindows don’t only add beauty to each house as it increases its value, they are also the key to comfort and value in your home and they can also be the main exit of large amount of energy if  too old or disabled to do the job. Indeed, having efficient windows at home is one boon you cannot live without. However, if you don’t know the features of an energy efficient window, the following are the basic features to consider.

The Frame – Choosing the right window frame requires a meticulous mind and careful selection as the frame holds the key to the stability and quality of the window. Although we would all want to obtain the highest quality of window frame, there are still a number of factors to consider while doing the project, and it includes your budget. Specialized windows like solar protected are nowhere cheap, but very efficient in protecting the interiors of your home from the sun’s rays. However, window frames come in different types namely, vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood clad to suit your budget needs. Vinyl is one of the least expensive window frames in the market and, when installed very well, it can also be the most suitable window frame to those who are in a tight budget. Meanwhile, wood is undoubtedly the answer to your insulation needs window-wise, but it may not be the very best choice in humid areas as it is prone to rot though there are now a number of wooden window frames that are of high quality. Aluminum, though expensive, is the top choice because of its durability while wood-clad requires low maintenance but it may be prone to rot still due to its wood properties.

The Glass – There is no doubt that this aspect is very important in deciding which type of window to install at home. Experts in this particular note that the majority of their customers, particularly environment conscious ones, always ask for an argon-filled double-paned window and one that’s furnished with Low-E glass. Technically, this option keeps the sun’s harmful rays from full penetration of the interiors of the house as it also keeps the heat from getting out through the window during cool season. A single pane is too thin to protect the house from the sun’s UV rays while a triple-paned option is too expensive and too thick to provide better insulation needs at home.

The Installation Process – This may not be a part of any window, but it plays a significant role in the efficiency of each type of window. Regardless of the type of window you choose, as long as it’s not properly installed, it would still render inefficiency. Therefore, always watch out for those who need more extras just to fit a window properly.