Energy Conservation Quiz

energy-conservationEnergy conservation is no doubt one of the greatest factors that each of us should consider to help prolong the life of our planet. Staying green thru energy conservation can be done by all of us to maintain a green environment and a sound health. How cool are you when it comes to the state of our environment? How efficient are you with the usage of the energy at home and in the office? Let’s find out by taking this quiz.

1.    You are cramming for a deadline on your report in the morning. You wake up early and started to tap the keyboards furiously. An hour after, you realized that you have to take a shower to avoid hitting the traffic. You

  • a.    Leave your computer ON since you only take a quick shower for 15 minutes and there’s still the conclusion that you have to deal with. It won’t hurt to leave it ON for 15 minutes or so.
  • b.    Turn it OFF because a 15-minute non-usage of the PC might reach 30 minutes because you will have to put on your clothes after taking a bath.
  • c. Depends on the actual situation; guess I have to experience it first before I can decide.

2.    You are boiling water for your dish this evening. You

  • a.    Leave the pot open, so you can immediately see whether the water’s boiling or not.
  • b.    Close the pot so heat cannot escape when it starts boiling.
  • c.    I’ll put the oven to low heat, so it’ll boil in about 30 minutes after I’m done with my first task. It doesn’t matter if I run out of LPG since I still have a sound budget for it.

3.    You realized that the lights in your kitchen and in your kids’ study room are already giving in. They have started to flicker since yesterday. You went to a star and saw three choices of light bulbs: LEDs, incandescent, and regular light bulbs. You

  • a.    Choose incandescent bulbs because your neighbor is using it and it’s pretty cheap.
  • b.    Choose LED light bulbs because these are renowned for their efficiency in lighting and in conserving energy. They might be pricey, but its efficiency is worth my money in the long run.
  • c.    Choose regular light bulbs. It doesn’t matter whether I buy tons of them because they are very cheap and easy to install, too.

4.    What do you think about energy conservation?

  • a.    I think energy conservation is just a waste of time because I tend to leave the DVD on at night especially when I fell asleep with my favorite music in the air.
  • b.    I think energy conservation is very essential because it helps us save a lot of money in the long run and it’s also a green way to maintain balance in the environment.
  • c.    I don’t really have a thought about energy conservation because I think it’s just for those who have a lot of time to turn their appliances OFF religiously. Also, only rich people can exercise energy conservation because they can buy energy-efficient appliances and they have controls in almost all of their appliances, making it easier to cut off the flow of electricity when needed.

5.    When you check last month’s electric bill, you are surprised with the total amount; the other month’s cost doubled! You

  • a.    Start shopping for new appliances; your refrigerator or TV might need a replacement. Also, you need to buy a new solar-powered monitor because the mall is on sale for these items.
  • b.    Contact an electrician and have your appliances checked for possible wiring issues. Make sure that you impose energy-saving house rules to other family members clearly.
  • c.    Think that the electricity cost is just erratic. In other words, blame it to the electric cooperative or electric provider.

6.    You have read that turning an appliance OFF is not totally conserving energy because electricity still flows in the wires. The wire has to be plugged out of the connection, cutting out any flow of electricity in the process. You

  • a.    Start plugging out the wires of your mobile phone charger and washing machine. It’s okay to leave the wires for the computer and TV plugged because you use them every now and then. It would just entail more time if you have to plug and then unplug it every time you stop using it for a couple of hours.
  • b.    See to it that all wires connected to all appliances at home are plugged out from its connection after use. Anyway, it only takes a few seconds to do it.
  • c.    Who cares? When you turn the appliance OFF, it immediately stops operating, which means it’s actually turned OFF. There are a lot of scams online; don’t believe in all those write-ups.

7.    When you purchase appliances, which factor do you consider the most?

  • a.    Of course, appeal and brand.
  • b.    I make sure that it’s energy-efficient, powered by LED bulbs, and made by a reputable company, too.
  • c.    As long as it’s cheap, I go for it.