Electric Vehicle – Promote Energy Conservation and Environment Protection

electric-vehicleBattery electric vehicles are widely used nowadays in the whole wide world. Aside from its user friendly nature, it also promotes energy conservation and environment protection. It consists of different types such as tractors, trucks, buses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

This vehicle does not need gasoline or fuel for it to work because rechargeable batteries are being used for it to fully operate. Therefore, it does not release carbon dioxide in the air. In addition, it uses its electric and motor controllers to run and not the internal combustion engines. It just needs to be charged regularly for it to work properly. It uses lesser energy than of a fuel powered vehicle and maintains clean air in the surroundings. As the world innovated, this vehicle became popular and developed battery technology the Lithium Ion which has higher power.

Electric passenger bus has been operating since 1992 in the US, followed by the Hongkong Airport in 2000. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 50 electric buses were used in transporting participants to and from the venue. It can also be seen in France and other parts of the globe.

Semi-trailer trucks were made electric in the port of Los Angeles. With its fast development, it has surpassed the 5-mile per US gallon holster semi tractors they used before this electric truck has invented. It can carry 60,000lb cargo container with the speed of 40mph in more or less 30-60 miles. Its usage is up to 2 kilowatt-hours per mile which means it is more efficient than the fuel-powered vehicle. Moreover, electric tractors, Pick-up trucks and garbage trucks are also used in some areas in the world and are constantly improvised to really serve the industry well. It is now widely used in the field of industries and businesses due to its efficiency and eco-friendly characteristics. Developers are currently looking for much higher uses of the electric vehicles like being able to travel a much longer distance.

Electric bicycles have been established since 1890s in the US. It is called e-bike, many people has begun using it in 1998 specifically in China and India. It comes in different styles. It is basically good for the health of the users as well as the health of the people around. There are also electric motorcycles and scooters which are now able to climb up hill.

Battery electric vehicles not only made our lives easier but also helped in reducing air pollution and in conservation of energy.