DIY Home Improvement 101

House Made of ToolsPlanning on doing some home improvements anytime soon? If you want to be a DIY expert, then you must know these 5 DIY 101 tips and stop paying for things that you can actually do for yourself.

1. Know when is the right time to use primer – Using primer in your paint jobs can make the paint adhere better and reduce the number of coatings. If you are planning to do some painting projects at your home today, try using this Fresh Start Natura Primer from Benjamin Moore. It’s about $40 a gallon and what’s great about this product is it has a seal of Green Good Housekeeping which indicates that this product is eco-friendly.

2. Things to do when your toilet doesn’t stop running – Are you worried about that plumbing bills again? If you have a problem like this, all you need to do is stop jiggling at the handle and start looking under the hood. Open the back part of your toilet and you will see what’s causing the problem. Most of the time, it is usually caused by a worn out rubber flapper valve. This is the part that controls the water going from the tank to the toilet. Other causes might be blamed to a loose chain that might prevent the rubber flapper from closing completely or a jammed float ball. If some parts of the toilet mechanism are already worn out, you can buy a new flapper for a price of $10 or you can also buy a full toilet-repair kit for only $20. Just make sure to turn off your water supply before doing any repair to prevent your water bills from rising up.

3. Un-stick that irritating interior door – This problem is usually caused by the swelling due to the humidity or the loose hinge in the hardware. What you need to do is to get a screw driver and tighten each of the screws one by one. If the door still won’t close after doing this process, then it might be because of the swelling. Locate the area where the swelling occurred. The swelling can be located at the part where the door and the post usually meet (the dark portion). Find that particular area and use a sand paper to reduce the swelling. Use a coarse sand paper to sand off most the swelling part and use a finer grain for the finishing touches.

4. Fixing a drafty window – You are going to need a candle to do this job. Light up the candle and go through the perimeter area of the window. You will be able to locate any damage as the flame will shine at any leak. Caulk the cracks that you have found or replace the weather stripping of the window if it’s necessary.

5. Erasing water marks on the finished wood table – A white ring is a type of water mark that usually seen after a glass of water (or any kind of liquid) is placed on the table. To clean this you are going to need an iron and a towel. Set the iron into the lowest setting and cover the stained areas with the towel. Place the iron on the towel for several seconds until the stained is removed. Repeat the process if necessary and polish the table after.