Diaper Buying Guides

DiaperConsumers like us are definitely getting wiser and wiser each day as we start thinking about the eco-friendliness of an item before purchasing it. Thankfully, manufacturers have also start providing us with eco-friendly items like green diapers. There is no doubt that diapers are very important in our lives, particularly if we have babies and elderly people at home. With green diapers, we could be able to minimize used diaper trash, diaper rashes, and add savings, too. Here’s how:

The greenest diapers in the market these days are cloth diapers and insert that are made of organic cotton or bamboo. There are even wool diapers that greatly reduce the child’s contact with plastics. These are eco-friendly since they don’t go to waste once dirtied. All you have to do is wash them carefully as per instructions and it’ll stay useful for many, many years until the baby outgrows them. One of the many benefits of having cloth diapers is the fact that you only have to buy them upfront and that’s it because you can wash or dry them anytime for re-use. Although most cloth diapers are quite more expensive than disposable ones, the savings that you will have in the long run is way higher than the savings you can have from buying cheap disposable diapers. In line with this, some babies that have sensitive skin may experience diaper rashes with cloth diapers, so it is always recommended to have eco-friendly rash remedies readied To avoid this, make sure to change the cloth diaper every 3-4 hours and wash the baby’s groin area to avoid bacteria from accumulating in such body part.

Meanwhile, some parents want convenience and may find constant diaper laundering a stressful task, which paves way to the use of disposable diapers. While disposable diapers are never deemed as environment-friendly as cloth diapers, there are some brands that are actually greener than the others. Find one that contains no chlorine during its processing and boasts no special gels or absorbents like sodium polyacrylate because these chemicals can potentially reach to the babies’ lungs and cause respiratory issues. On one hand, gels and absorbents can cause skin irritations down there, which could also lead to skin diseases in the future, especially if the baby has sensitive skin. Tushies is one name that manufactures diapers using local materials with a touch of cotton and from wood pulps with zero chlorine. Indeed, it’s a green brand, but quite costly, too.

Whether you go for disposable ones or cloth diapers, always weigh pros and cons, and always remember to keep our environment clean and safe for our babies to roam about when they become adults in the future.