Buying Central Air Conditioners

central-air-conditionerAre you having trouble in buying a central air conditioner? For someone who is not quite familiar with the specs may probably have difficulty and end up buying the wrong one with a higher price for your place. Here are some information and guidelines you need to know in buying central air conditioners.

The size of the house matters when it comes to choosing a central air conditioner. You better get advice from a salesperson or consultant. Particular measurements called the Manual J. are to be used to determine the size of the house. If in case they based the size of the house to another room which has more or less same measurement or the old unit you have, better get another accurate calculation of it. Because when it comes to measuring the size of the house for the purpose of installing central air conditioner, it is not only the area that is essential, consultant must also take into consideration the heat loss and gain passing through and from the windows.

Another aspect that you should see is the air temperature of the house at present. Considering your house has two levels never assume that it has the same air temperature. It can somehow differ to ten degrees at maximum. A two storey Victorian style home is just one example. They built their houses with gravity incinerator in the lower ground floor of the house. It is huge and shaped like an octopus. Its main role is to keep your house warm and they’re pretty good in doing it. However, when people decided to remove the gravity system they oftentimes leave the pipes as it is. This resulted to abnormal air flow going up to the second level of the house. Pipe work must also be checked for it to function properly.

There is what we call SEER which means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. This is used to measure the competence of the air conditioning unit. Recently the scores are ranging 13 to 21 SEERs, but 10 SEER units still exist. Regularly, 13 SEERs is just enough for a person, as it increases its number the more humid factor it eliminates in the house. This can surely make you as relax as you can be in your crib. To get extra SEER you must be willing to pay $500 or more. A $300 government tax credit is granted to 15 and above SEERs granting it is with a correct coil. For more information refer to your dealer.

There are companies who offers rebates to units 14 SEER and higher. This can definitely attract consumer, however, you must always see to it that the quality is still there. Companies may modify the system of the unit by way of adding coils to it. With regards the technicality, yes it has 14 SEER, but does it attain 14 SEER in actual? I doubt it, given its modification. If you decide to avail with the rebates, make sure that the details and mechanics is stated clearly in the contract.

Just a warning, salespersons and dealers can be so helpful that they will promise to take care of everything and give you the price you have been wishing without you knowing what really are they up to. Just don’t feel special easily, as it can be one of their tactics so you will immediately get the unit with lesser SEER in actual than in what is written in the details. It is much better to really take time to ask and check for the details if it is telling the truth. For additional information, central air conditioning are priced by ton, and is usually ranging from 1 ½ tons to 5 tons.

Installation and labor have its separate charges. Canvass for the companies with most affordable cost, bear in mind that larger units costs higher. Check out for the additional promotion they can install like the heat pump, humidifier, dehumidifier and an ionizer. Also be aware of the charges they have for maintenance of the Freon and cleanings.

One last advice is to always ask for the lowest price they can give you. The price cited first in the quotation is surely not the last price that the dealers can offer. As part of the business method, much higher price is quoted first to give more room for adjustments. There are seasons when companies offer discounted prices, maybe during that time they have already reached their target sales. It is usually in the end part of the month, so better plan to purchase central air conditioner during that period of the month.

There are actually two types of central air conditioner that you can choose upon –the split-system unit and the packaged central air conditioning unit. With the spilt-system unit, the condenser and compressor is placed outside the house with a metal box while the evaporator is positioned inside the house usually in the roof space. Some split-system unit’s evaporator also functions as incinerator. The central air conditioners evaporator coil is connected to the box or pipe of the incinerator. If your house is like the Victorian style which has a built-in incinerator but without air conditioner, this kind of central air conditioner is perfect for you. It is known to be the most cost-effective central air conditioner to set up. On the other hand, packaged central air conditioner has a different characteristic from the split-system unit. The different parts of the packaged central air conditioner which are the evaporator, condenser and compressor are placed in one box. Some will place it on the rooftop, others on a vacant portion just next to the concrete foundation of the building. It depends on the available space the area of the building has. This is best to be used in commercial buildings with smaller areas. The air source and return pipes is located inside the building it will either be attached to the wall or the roof and is link with the packaged air conditioner placed outside the building. With this kind of central air conditioner, the use of another incinerator will be eliminated. Packaged air conditioners contain an electric heating coil that is responsible of the emission of humidity.

There are much to be learned in choosing the right central air conditioner for your place and having it for a reasonable price or even the lowest price. The guidelines stated here will surely lighten up your burden in buying the central air conditioner for your residential home or your business building. Always choose for the best quality over the price and never be deceived with the rebates and discounts. It is advised to assess the efficiency of the unit and review what is written in the contract at all times.