Bathroom Revamp: Savings by the Gallon

bathroom-revampHow many gallons of water have you used lately to flush your toilet? How much have you been paying for your monthly water bills just to get through life? Certainly, monthly bills always play a huge role in our pockets and in our lives, too. Now, I’m not only talking about mortgages and tuition fees and groceries, I am also talking about water expenditures at home. Experts note that 60% of water expenditures at home happen in the bathroom, which is why we need to watch out our bathroom activities largely if we don’t want to go bankrupt in the next 30 years. Here are some of the things that you can do at home to have a bathroom revamp by saving water usage.

Always turn OFF the faucet when not in use

This is a very basic and golden rule when it comes to saving water. This is even the golden rule if you want to have savings on your electricity bills and conserve energy, too. Never leave running water for any reason. While there are eco-friendly gadgets these days that would automatically turn OFF the faucet once the container is full, it is not a wise move anyways because you are paying for an action that you could have done without any fee.

Re-use Water

Did you know that you could still re-use that soapy bath in the tub? Before you even think of draining the tub, you can toss the used water to your garden and make flowers and plants happy. This way, you can avoid having a sprinkler installed in the yard.

Use Water Saver Toilets

Because we all need a better place to live in, there is no doubt that you will find brands of toilets that deliberately decrease the amount of water flushed into the system. While most toilets would require at least 2 gallons of water per flushes, some of these innovative toilets only require at least 1.2 gallons while others don’t even need water to flush the dirt. There are also intelligent flush toilets that have dual modes or flushes in different settings. For solid dirt, this kind of toilet flushes once using at least 1.6 gallon of water, but it only flushes about .8 gallon of water for liquid dirt. Furthermore, there are also composting toilets, which have the ability to turn dirt into nutrient-enriched substance that’s best when used in making flower beds and changing plant soil regularly. If you want toilets that are not only efficient in flushing, but also beneficial in keeping the bowl clean, you might want to get cyclone-type toilets. These flush water in raging speed from the sides of the rims, forming a cyclone-like shape of the water down to the siphon. Given the competitiveness of makers of toilets these days, it’s not unusual to find efficient toilets like these. However, these may not be as cheap as the conventional types, but these can surely beat them in terms of water conservation.

Ditch that Old Toilet of Yours

Have you noticed that gadgets tend to become less efficient when they’re almost nearing their deadline? Smart phones tend to lose good battery life when it reaches at least 3 years and more while computers tend to become slower and outdated when they reach 5 years or so. This also happens to old toilets as they tend to become less efficient as they start to wear out. On the one hand, you can also modify by adding flappers, which close the tank when required gallon has been used to flush water into the bowl. Nevertheless, this modification can still wear out, so think about it well.

Go for Showers

Can you still remember how happy you were when you found out that it was raining and that you could play under the rain with all your little friends? Well, you might be different now since you’re already full grown but it doesn’t mean that showers are not terrific anymore. In fact, it is so much better to shower than to have a luxurious bubble bath everyday because showers save tons of water compared to baths. If you have an old showerhead, you can replace it with the new models, which restrict water flow, letting you save more gallons of water every day since typical showerheads usually consume 20 liters of water per minute. Meanwhile, having savers installed in your showerheads let you save as much as 12,000 liters of water each shower. Showerheads come in a variety of types, too, which lets you find the best one that suits your preference and wallet. Apart from that, you can also save for the energy used while taking shower and lessen water bills, too.

Call a Skilled Plumber

Always remember that minor leaks are never minor. It can turn your savings into expenditures, and worse, it can ruin your day. Who would want his or her showers to be slowed and interrupted by leaking? Studies show that most minor leaks go undetected for weeks, which can already cost you gallons of water per day. To detect if you have water leaking at home, check your house water meter after two hours when water is not used. When it changes, that means there’s a leaking. And if there is, check all your faucets at home to avoid wasting tons of water in the long run. Another way of testing for leaks is to check your toilet tank. Put food coloring into the tank and see if it leaches to the siphon or the bowl. If it does, then you got to get a skilled plumber fast.

Check your Habits

If we want to save money, we must check our habits first. This is also applicable if we want to save water consumption. Always turn OFF any source of water when not in use. Turn that faucet OFF while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. Limit your shower to 5-10 minutes and turn the shower head while you’re still shampooing or soaping. Time yourself while you’re in the shower by placing an alarm clock close enough the bathroom, so you can hear its alarm. Limiting your exposure to water does not only help save water and money as it also helps save your skin from drying up. Store cold water in a bucket while waiting for it to warm up and use the stored water to flush toilet or toss it into the washing machine. Tissues are not meant to be flushed into the toilet bowl. They are meant to be thrown into the garbage can. Avoid throwing solids into the bowl because it needs gallons of water to be flushed out.

While we enjoy water resources in our country, please be reminded that there are millions of people around the world have not tasted clean and pure water for days. These people pray for rain so hard to taste water, to bathe in it, and to feel clean and refreshed. Unfortunately, their place is so dry; they could already see the land cracking. Imagine if you were in their shoes. Imagine if you have nothing but a bucket of water to budget for the whole week. Imagine if you have to wait for the rainy season to store enough water for the next dry months. Imagine this. Let us start conserving water – today.