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Advertising in The Green Guide and on offers a host of benefits:

  • An interested audience: Our readers, online and offline, are conscious consumers and the primary shoppers for their household. They are actively seeking solutions that benefit their health, their family and the environment.
  • High editorial standards: The editorial staff of The Green Guide and are committed to providing the most objective, trustworthy and accurate environmental and health information to be found in print or on the web today. We diligently seek out the facts and report them, provide thorough and honest coverage of the issues and the solutions, and uphold the highest professional standards. All content created by our editors and writers is free from influence by sponsors, partners or other sources. In this way, we can instill trust and confidence among our readers.
  • An information destination: As the most-traveled green consumer information site on the internet, is a powerful and trusted environment for your advertising message.
  • Multiple advertising opportunities: Besides the web site and the print version of The Green Guide, TGGI also publishes a free weekly e-newsletter, The Green Guide TO GO. In it, we spotlight green living tips and advice that are free on our web site that week.
  • unique visitors per month – 120,000
  • page views per month – 250,000
  • The Green Guide bimonthly issue circulation – 25,000
  • The Green Guide TO GO e-newsletter weekly circulation – 225,000
  • The Green Guide TO GO open rate – 55%
  • The Green Guide TO GO click-through rate – 20%


Our audience comes to The Green Guide and for well-researched information, advice and product suggestions to help them and their families live healthy, safe and environmentally responsible lives.

The typical Green Guide readers are primarily:

  • Women
  • The principal household shoppers
  • Between the ages of 20 and 55+
  • More likely to be college educated, have a greater annual income and vote more regularly than the average American
  • News and information-hungry

The Green Guide readers are intelligent shoppers; they seek out and value information they can trust that they can use to evaluate products and services before they buy them. Green Guide readers look to info-rich periodicals and increasingly the web to get what they need. These characteristics correspond to what trends researchers are finding, that consumers favor doing product research online rather than offline by a large margin–76% say they prefer finding product information online rather than in offline media, like magazines–and are spending more for online content (subscriptions primarily) than ever before.

Our readers keep their Green Guide back issues as a source book and return to the web site whenever they need more information. Thirty percent say they visit the site more than a few times a month. Seven in 10 readers have based product purchases on what they read in The Green Guide. Eight in 10 purchase organic products on a regular basis. Readers check product labels carefully and are concerned about food safety, personal and family health.

The characteristics of Green Guide readers also correspond to the findings of sociologist, Paul Ray who has identified a sizable subpopulation in the U.S.–30 percent of adults, or 63 million consumers–who he has named “conscious” or “LOHAS” consumers, for “Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability.” Careful, information-seeking consumers who value authenticity and knowledge about products before they buy them, conscious consumers are an increasingly significant power in the market–with purchases in 2003 of $226.8 billion for goods and services that relate to health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living. Conscious consumers shop in many of the same places as others, but because they frequently are looking for specialty products, they’re much more likely to shop in stores such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as well as use the internet and catalogs.


The Green Guide Institute has a vision–to be consumers’ “go-to” source for responsible environmental and health advice, product reviews and shopping tips. By reaching a critical mass of mainstream consumers, we aim to shift American consumption behavior, fostering a healthier public, an environmentally sustainable future and a socially responsible society.

When considering those who may want to advertise with us, we are looking for companies who share our vision, whose practices and products don’t harm health, exploit humans or pollute the environment. We recognize that these are goals and not absolutes. Most manufacturers are not perfect and yet many are making strides to improve the safety and reduce the environmental impacts of their products throughout the entire life cycle. We’ll look to SRI firms to help us identify companies that meet these fundamental criteria. These are the companies we want to advertise with us.

While we will allow only those companies who share our respect for health and the environment to advertise with us, we are not endorsing any products that are approved to advertise with us, nor do we allow advertisers to influence what our researchers and editors write. We believe advertisements have educational value that can supplement our content, but that our research and reporting must remain independent to be credible and trusted. See About The Green Guide for our product recommendation – not endorsement policy.

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