A New Kind of Pest Control, Barn Owl

For the first time, this bird has been put to use as an eco-friendly control of pests in Californian restaurants. As of now, several restaurants have taken up this new invention that is also very cheap. This method has been found to be a better replacement of the use of rodenticides which can be very costly as you have to use the over and over again. Now chefs and restaurant owners have decided to try this new method that is both safe for the rest of the ecosystem and also very cheap.

In a small town there is a hotel called Haute Enchilada which is one of the best spots there. This place is well known for some of its inventions such as switching to paper chopsticks and utilizing more sustainable sources of seafood. This became the first American hotel to use Barn owl as a pesticide against rodents.

Another town called Moss landing about 15 miles from Monterey has a very big population of barn owls which is on the rise. This was from a company called Human wildlife control build and Barn owl box. This company was started by Duane Titus and Rebecca Dmytryk. This box has been used to attract these owls in mating pairs.

Two days after this, there were 2 barn owls in the box and after 2 weeks the females were nesting 8 eggs which is great.
This has majorly helped reduced the population of the rodents. Every night, the males will hunt and feed the nesting females which has led to a very low population of rodents. The birds again have a strict diet of mice, rats, voles and gopher.

The owls may remain there till they decide to leave. As much as they might not eliminate the rodents completely, they keep them at manageable levels. They have also received a lot of media attention. Once they are hatched the Huate Enchilada receives a lot of fuss from media people

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